Automatic/PLC Electrician

The brain of your system

A programmable logic controller or PLC is a computer specialized in controlling a mechanical system. It can be a big air conditioning facility or a robot on a factory. It’s a computer that ensures everything is working as it should. And it can help find out, where to find a malfunction of your system.

Sometimes these PLCs need a check. Maybe the PLC needs a few cables changed - or it might just need a thorough check of the software inside of it and an update.

We have a great team of PLC electricians that know their ways around the different brands of PLCs on the market. On top of that we are one of your cheapest options and we always fix what we say we do.

Save yourself time and energy and give us a call regarding your PLC - we have the technician you need!

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Our key areas

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- Fire fighting systems
- Technical Engineering 
- PLC Electrician  
- Commissioning
- Cleaning of Air-conditioning systems