Keep your coolth

Cooling down the space that surrounds us, gives comfort. Nothing is worse, than trying to work in surroundings that are just too hot. Everything just goes slow, when people try to navigate too hot surroundings. That’s why we take cooling seriously.

We have skilled technicians that know their stuff around cooling systems - both onshore and offshore. If you have a cooling facility that is not running 100% let us take a look at it.

Maybe your system is working 100% but just need a quick fix. Maybe you need a cleaning to have the cold air running freely in your system. Sometimes small tweaks can get the old system up and running like a charm - so let us give it a try. It doesn’t cost much compared to a new system.

No matter what - if your cooling system is not running 100% you’re losing money. Either on the electricity bill - or on your staff not being comfortable working 100% for you.

Call us now: +45 96 50 60 20 or

Our technicians are well skilled with most systems. Often they can tell by your description of the problem what is wrong - and they certainly can fix it.

Our prices are amongst the lowest on the market - the quality of our work is superb.


Our key areas

- HVAC - onshore and offshore
- Fire fighting systems
- Technical Engineering 
- PLC Electrician  
- Commissioning
- Cleaning of Air-conditioning systems